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Choosing The Right Foundation



Where do I start?

Firstly I would advise anyone looking to choose the perfect foundation to speak to a trained professional make up artist. If you are unable to get to a make up artist then ask the pharmacy for some samples. Once you have samples, you should swatch them along your jawline for the best results. The right colour should almost disappear into your face. If it does not, then it is either to light or too dark, or has the wrong tone to it. Some of us need a more pink undertone in our foundation, others need a more yellow tone.

What do you want from your foundation?

So you have found a colour that suits your skin tone. What are you hoping to get out of your foundation? are you looking for longevity? are you hoping for a HD finish? is it full coverage you are after?. I often speak to ladies that tell me they have tried tons of different foundations and can not find one that they love or suits them. Ladies please remember, if you go to a make up counter, the person you speak to is hoping to make a sale. So although they may be a trained make up artist in most cases, and they may in fact match the foundation colour perfectly to your skin. After you have purchased their brand and taken the product home, used it a few times, you may develop a reaction to the foundation and then decide the product is useless and you need another one.

So why are the right foundations so hard to get?

In truth they are so easy to find. If you know where to look that is. This is why I highly recommend having a consult with an independent make up artist. Somebody who is not biased or affiliated to only one brand, and can tell you what skin type you have, diagnose any problem areas you may have, and then after all of that, recommend the BEST foundation for you.

Is mineral foundation best?

In my opinion it really is. Going back to what I said earlier about trying lots of foundations and finding some of them cause a reaction or breakouts on your skin, in a lot of cases this is ingredient based. Knowing what our foundations are made up of is so so important. There are lots of cosmetic companies out there that still use parabens, and other chemicals that are totally not needed in a foundation. These are what cause the breakouts or reactions to our skin. Also in my experience using a foundation that does not have an oil is the best choice, the reason for this is that our skin already has its own natural oil, sebum. Therefore it is not necessary to add anymore on top of that. If you find that your foundation does not last very long, or it comes off in patches, nine times out of ten this is down to oil content, so it is best to choose a foundation without oil. Mineral based foundation will also be enriched with vitamins and naturally sourced ingredients that will still add goodness to your skin even when the foundation has been removed. Lastly and by no means least, mineral make ups are generally not tested on animals, and this is HUGE ! cruelty free is best.

Beauties I am happy to give you a one to one consult on foundation. So please feel free to contact me if you are on the hunt for a better foundation for your beautiful face.