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Nightly Skincare Regimen


Why Do I need to do this?

Without doubt this is one thing my mother has drummed into my head since my late teen years. I have vivid memories in my early twenties of coming home from a night out, getting into bed without taking my make up off, and just as I am about to conk out in comes the mothership!!! arms laden with beauty products and that's it, this woman means business. She would sit on my bed and begin to remove my make up, lecturing me while she did it, telling me I would have old haggard skin before my time. Deep down I think I was just lazy and could not be bothered to do it. Secretly I love her coming to my room to do it for me, it was like having a facial haha. Her parting words to me each time were, 'You will thank me in your 30's', and damn was she right. Fast forward several years and I am as obsessed with skincare as she is. We exchange skincare tips now, and I am slowly converting her to the world of cruelty free skincare. (thats another story haha). Ladies if you are already doing the basics every night then well done; time to take it up a notch. Your beautiful youthful skin will thank you for it.

What do I need to do?

The easiest way to do this is break it down into steps:
1: Pre-Cleanse
2: Cleanse
3: Tone
4: Serum/oil
5: Eye cream
6: Moisturise

Do I need a serum/oil? and why?

This step is something I added to my nightly regimen a couple of years ago, and I would never go back. I am always on the look out for a good serum or oil. I use different brands because our skin changes all the time, and sometimes what we currently use may not be what our skin needs at that particular moment in time. As we age, our skin changes dramatically, also our daily environment effects our skins condition, as do any hormonal changes that either occur monthly, or for older women there is menopause. Every single occurrence in our bodies will have a huge effect in the changes we see on our skin. However do not forget that this is only what we can see on the surface. Therefore it really is so important that topically we apply a product that is not only effective and helpful to how our skin looks and feels, but also goes deeper into the dermis than that. Nourishing and treating our skin on a deeper level is vital for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. I currently use an oil that was made for me by a homeopath, it is 100% natural and is working wonders for my rosacea, I am so pleased that I have the ability now to calm the redness and in turn wear less foundation and concealer.

Eye cream, really? is this not just another fad?

Let us consider the skin under and around the eye area for a moment. We are constantly watching videos of our favourite make up artists teaching us how to apply make up on and around the eye area. How it is not advised to drag the skin under the eyes etc. also to pat our concealer lightly with the ring finger under our eyes. So we know this area is delicate right? but are we doing all we can to take care of it? I don't believe we are. A lot of women suffer from puffy eyes and under eyes, or perhaps you are prone to dark circles. While there are lots of reasons for this which I will not get into today, there are cosmetic reasons too. This is what I hope to explain to you and help you with. An eye cream is specially formulated for the eye area, the reason for this is as I explained already, is that particular area of our skin is so delicate. On a daily basis we squint, frown, laugh, maybe even cry, and this will have an effect on our eye area. Make up can sit in the creases of our eye too, so we need to be sure it has been cleansed well and gently. Therefore an eye cream needs to be more specific for the area its meant for. Generally eye creams are thicker than moisturiser and this allows the cream to penetrate into the skin. Apply the eye cream with the ring finger because its nice and soft, and gently pat the cream in an upwards motion. (not into the eye). Upwards motions will prevent the skin from dragging or sagging.

And after all that why do I need to moisturise?

The clue is in the word really. MOISTurise, we do it to add mositure to our skin. A lot of women suffer with dry skin, or have dry areas on their faces. I have combination skin, an oily t-zone and dry forehead, and rosacea on my cheeks. Therefore I need to treat my skin in accordance to its conditions, skin tone, dryness and texture. A good moisturiser will do this for you. It can also protect the skin, even out the imperfections, improve texture and tone, and also pump some needed vitamins and ingredients into the skin. During the night our bodies loose water, a lot of water in fact, so using a good moisturiser will pump some of that much needed hydration back into the skin and work it's magic while you sleep. A mosituriser will also help to regulate the sebum in our skin, which is our natural oil produced by our body. Not using a moisturiser could age you quicker and unnecessarily and cause nasty wrinkles. Apply yours in upwards motions, be sure to be gentle and not drag the skin downwards, ring finger is always best.

Here is too glowing skin ladies