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 My ethos and what I believe are really important to me. I truly believe that real beauty comes in many many forms. It is not something singular, or stereotyped. True beauty comes from deep within a persons soul, and above all else, of all the superficial stuff, this is what's most important.

As a professional make up artist I have the privilege of working with women of all age groups, from all different avenues of life. Everyone woman I meet has hang ups, either about their bodies, or their skin, or maybe a nose shape, whatever it is, as women we all have them.

I feel it's my job to help women to embrace what they have. I do this though cosmetics. Helping a lady to find the right products that accentuate the beauty they already have is truly a powerful moment. It's not about changing a ladies appearance, it's about bringing out what they already have, and showcasing it at it's best.

To help me achieve my goals, I only use cruelty free cosmetics and skincare products. This is a topic I feel very strongly about, beauty products have no place in the world of animal testing, it's simply not necessary.

And so when I meet with my wonderful clients, and we are chatting while I create a make up look for them, I try to educate them on the benefits of using mineral based Make Up instead.

I hope this has given you some insight to me and what I am about, and I thank you for taking the time to visit my website.



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