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Double Cleansing


Do you really need to clean your face twice?

As women we are all aware of the importance of a good skincare regimen, and most of us know that there are important steps and products we can use to achieve the very best results for our skin. Simply using a cleanser, no matter how much or how little it costs; is just not enough. One cleanse will not, and I stress NOT clean your face as well as you might think.

So how do I double cleanse?

The first stage is known as pre-cleanse. In this stage, a cleanse of mitt (COM) is ideal. Simply wet the mitt with warm water, squeeze excess water from the mitt, and clean all the make up off your face. Rinse your mitt with soap and warm water and leave to dry till next time. You may say to yourself, but my make up is gone so my face is clean. Yes the make up has been removed, but your skin is not yet fully cleansed. At this point I would use my usual cleanser, which is Holos. I choose Holos because all of the products are plant and mineral based and enriched with all the goodness your skin needs, with no nasty parabens. (You can use your cleanser of choice obviously, but be sure it is the right product for your skin type). I am always surprised by the amount of dirt that is still on my face even after using the mitt. I get equally shocked when a client tells me they just picked up a cleanser in their shopping because it was on offer. How do you even know whats in it for one? and if it suits your skin number two? You need to get a consult from a skin specialist, or therapist, to determine your skin type and what products best suit you.

Should I tone?

In my opinion YES, I always tone after I cleanse. For me personally its a vital step. The reason I believe it is so important is to calm the skin back to a normal PH level after cleansing, but also to close those pores back up. When cleansing the skin, you open the pores up, thus allowing dirt to go back into them. A toner will act as an astringent, therefore tightening them back up. This also helps with the appearance of smaller pores. Again my personal fave is Holos because of the amazing ingredients and how it matches my skin type beautifully.

I typically do not wear make up, do I still need to double cleanse?

Yes yes yes is my answer to that. I am assuming that even though you do not wear make up on a day to day basis that you would still apply an SPF, and perhaps a BB cream, or tinted moisturiser? So in that case the very same rules apply as above. And even more so to some degree, a foundation will act as a barrier to the elements that we expose our skin to daily. Be it sunshine, wind and rain, air con, central heating; they all play havoc with our skin, so even if you do not wear make up, your skin absolutely needs the same care.

So what is all the fuss about?

Let me put it simply. When my kids come indoors having jumped into the largest muddy puddle they can find, first thing I have to do is sort out their footwear. So out comes the wet cloth to take the heavy dirt off first, then once I can actually see the shoe, its time to clean it properly. The same can be said for our skin. Let us think about it logically, we are all looking for the products that have the best staying power for our faces, nobody wants a foundation that wont last the day. With that in mind, we need to understand that these long lasting products need to come off our faces in stages, first the pre- cleanse, then the actual cleanse, and then calm the skin and tighten those pores up with a toner. Sounds like a lot of hassle I know, but it can be done while watching TV, so there is no reason to say you don't have the time! make the time, your beautiful healthy, young looking skin will thank you for it.

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